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Cambridge Business English ActivitiesУвеличить

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Cambridge Business English Activities (9780521587341)

Книга содержит в себе интересный, подготовленный к быстрому применению на уроке материал для групповой и парной работы. В издании представлены 43 тематических занятия, которые отработают навыки коммуникации в бизнес среде.

Содержание: 1; FINDING OUT ABOUT YOUR STUDENTS; 1.1; Four skills needs analysis; 1.2; This is me; 1.3; Personality scales; 1.4; Graph skills analysis; 1.5; Identity swap; 2; Socializing in English; 2.1; Introducing yourself and others; 2.2; Restaurant board game; 2.3; Question and answer Pelmanism; 2.4; Asking questions; 3; Using the phone; 3.1; A telephone maze; 3.2; Phone quartets; 3.3; What not to do; 4; Business writing; 4.1; Formal or informal?; 4.2; Writing a CV; 4.3; A letter to correct; 4.4; A group letter; 4.5; Keeping it brief; 5; Making decisions; 5.1; Bingo diaries; 5.2; Napoleon's decision making; 5.3; How shall we market it?; 5.4; A meeting; Negotiating; 6.1; Conditionals in a negotiation; 6.2; Someone else's shoes; 7; Describing CHANGE; 7.1; The crystal ball game; 7.2; A company's progress; 7.3; Graph dictations; 8; DESCRIBING COMPANIES AND JOBS; 8.2; Describe an organigram; 8.2; Talking pictures; 8.3; My working day; 9; DESCRIBING PROCESSES; 9.1 A roof over your head; 9.2; The process jigsaw; 10; Making comparisons; 10.1; The best offer; 10.2; Selling yourself; 11; Pronunciation; 11.1; Intonation patterns; 11.2; A phonemic phone call; 11.3; Strong or weak?; 12; Giving feedback to your students; 12.1; A memo to your students; 12.2; Pairs to compare; 13; Giving advice; 13.1; When it goes wrong; 13.2; Business scruples; 14; Using numbers; 14.1; Number noughts and crosses; 14.2; Checking the details; 14.3; Shared number dictations; 14.4; Testing each other.